Family-friendly approach, in the spirit of “Training and Maintaining”, or the ambitious steps of a small enterprise.

Positive discrimination – recent graduates at an advantage

When expanding our workforce we apply positive discrimination, which means that we actually welcome recent graduates in positions requiring high qualifications and hone their skills at our in-house trainings.

Let’s think in family terms

shutterstock161211263-vagott.jpgFor years VAR has been working to develop a system that is motivating for the employees and contributes at the same time to maintaining a secure family background.  The slogan for the employee compensation part of our strategy is: “Let us think in family terms”, which duly reflects the company’s commitment to nurturing a corporate and family community.  We use various technical tools, some of which also assist us in keeping in touch with the family.  In addition to the widely known technological solutions, we use a groupwork software (also offered to our clients), which lends itself to both internal communication and communication with the family, as well as to teleworking, and to the coordination of private and office time schedules.

“Family-friendly Workplace 2005” Grand Prize

csaladbarat-fodij.jpgAfter the special Prize awarded in 2003, in 2005 VAR Computer was awarded the grand prize as a “Family-friendly Workplace”, in the small enterprise category of the competition announced by the  Employment Office commissioned by the Ministry of Employment and Labour Policy, together with the Ministry of Youth, Family and Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities for the sixth year. 

The prize was handed over by Ministers Dr. Kinga Göncz and Gábor Csizmár to Péter Szabó, chief executive of the company.  This token of acknowledgement is awarded to employers that show consideration for the family commitments of their employees and support them in striking a healthy balance between their work and private life. 

According to the reasons for the award, VAR excelled among small enterprises with its training system, flexible and remote working modes, as well as with their family support measures.