shutterstock69999874-vagott.jpgWe perform IT consulting for numerous partners either on a one-off basis or for a flat rate, ranging from the daily helpdesk function through system engineering support to arrangements, where an on-site VAR employee is present on a permanent basis.


Why are we offering our system administrator or system operator services to You?

Up-to-date knowledge

The field of IT is developing dynamically, which means a continuous challenge for IT specialists.  The up-to-date knowledge of our staff, their diverse professional qualifications and the number of hours spent on the job, alone guarantee the high standard and reliability of the systems we operate. 

shutterstock146724341-kozepes.jpgWith the expansion of IT solutions and thanks to our ongoing developments, we can provide IT solutions that meet the requirements of the services and products of our clients best.

All employes of our company strive to ensure that the IT systems operating at our clients are effective components of their business success.  This we ensure through the continuous development of our services on the one hand and through the ongoing training of our system administrators on the other.

shutterstock108315176-vagott.jpgOutsourcing – Increased efficiency and reliability

Today, internal corporate needs drive the companies to outsource work processes that do not form part of their core activities but require complex and fast changing IT skills.  Such outsourcing allows companies to better focus on their core activity.

Upon reduced costs

Today, no successful company can exist without advanced IT solutions and IT support.  We believe that while outsourced IT operation means more than a simple client-service provider relation, since it represents a confidential partnership between the parties, it is an important cost-cutting measure, as well. 

What can we offer?

We are present at numerous partners, in some segment of IT operation, for instance:

Comprehensive IT operation:

shutterstock87108931-vagott.jpgWithin the framework of the service, our highly qualified colleagues ensure that reliable systems serve your company’s needs both at the server, as well as at the client end. Additionally, with the help of select strategic partners, we can assist our partners in other, IT-related areas as well, including:

  • Installation, expansion of physical network
  • Tailor-made applications
  • Webdesign
  • Training

Server operation:

Our highly qualified system engineers ensure the normal operation of your company’s servers and assist in the work of the local helpdesk, if needed.

shutterstock113561155-vagott.jpgIT consulting:

If your company already has IT operators that meet the requirements in most cases, however, you find that your systems would run more securely if the specialists had a solid background of knowledge, that can always be approached in confidence – we can help you with that one.