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Striving for quality has since its very foundation been a fundamental and inherent part of VAR Kft.’s activity.  We firmly believe that in the long run the market will only accept companies committed to quality and those meeting their customers’ expectations in all aspects.  It is in this spirit that if need be, we accept the fact that we may lose some business, if the potential partner wishes to select its supplier based solely on the lower initial cost.

Striving for quality

Striving for quality is most noticeable in the following areas of our work:

  • recruitment and continuous training of our staff,
  • careful selection of the hardware and software products we recommend, assessment of our vendors,
  • continuous improvement of the standard of our services,
  • application of quality management principles incorporated into our internal processes and into our own IT system,
  • operation and ongoing development of the quality management system accredited in accordance with MSZ ISO/IEC 9001:2008.

Our quality assurance policy is familiar to and accepted by all our employees as one of the fundamental principles of our operation.