Secure data management

var-cert-enThe information security strategy of VAR Kft. is based on the fact that we handle a large volume of client data that

  • represents considerable business value,
  • contains personal information, to which legal regulations apply,
  • together represent a higher value (and risk) than the individual data combined (accumulation effect),
  • the integrity and confidentiality of which influence the performance and reliability of our clients towards their customers.

Accordingly, the security of our activity is a pronounced requirement of our clients.  The cornerstone of our information security strategy is the protection of our client data in terms of confidentiality and integrity.

The success of our organisation is dependent upon the creative solutions and ideas that we apply in meeting our clients' demands.  Thus such solutions and technologies also represent to us crucial values to be protected.

The professional expectations towards our systems at the same time require a high degree of flexibility in terms of the support activities and our own internal operation.  In these areas the availability of information is the fundamental criterion.  To this end, we allow openness within our own organisation, making the information necessary for their work available to our staff.

Ongoing risk management

It is through methodological and consistent risk analysis (FMEA = Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) that we determine the value and exposure of the information within our domain and take commensurate measures.

In order to ensure a well-functioning information security system:

  • We have devised a complex protection system that allows us to handle both information entrusted to us, and our proprietary information with security and flexibility at the same time.  The protection system has elements of both the technical, as well as the regulatory level.
  • We closely monitor the changes in the regulatory framework to ensure compliance with the regulations at all times.
  • We pay close attention to the potential new risks and security systems resulting from technological development.
  • Our systems are accordingly continuously monitored, assessed and upgraded.
  • We make all our employees aware of the importance of information security, potential risks and security measures.