Sustainable development approach

iso140012004-kornyezetvedelem.jpgWe shape our environmental goals and activities to ensure continuous development and to consistently apply the principle of prevention. By using the best available technologies, our business potential permitting, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint

Integrated strategy

Our goal is to offer our clients to most complete range of services while meeting environmental requirements as well.  To the extent possible, we avoid the use of hazardous materials and substitute hazardous substances with environment-friendly materials.  We believe that preventing pollution of the environment, using energy economically and reducing the amount of waste and environmental risks are of paramount importance.

Furthermore, it is our goal to ensure that our staff are aware of and embrace our environmental policy, and we make it available to our clients as well.

The skills, motivation and awareness of our employees are strengthened through regular trainings, as well as through their involvement in the development and decision making processes and through open communication.   The environmental requirements towards our vendors and subcontractors are just as stringent as the ones applied towards our own performance. 

Continuous communication

Our commitment towards the environment is communicated on an ongoing basis to our staff, contracted partners and other stakeholders.  We conduct an active, open dialogue and strive for constructive collaboration with the authorities and NGO’s involved, as well as with the population in our vicinity and with our partners.  We run a customer service operation to facilitate efficient, operational cooperation.